Rex Club is a club dedicated to electronic musics since almost 20 years now, which makes us the oldest place of this kind in France, and I guess in the world. From the pioneers of acid house (Mike Pickering, Andrew Weatherall) to the latest generation of groove explorers (Miss Kittin, Black Strobe), Techno pioneers (Underground Resistance, Dave Clarke etc...), Breakbeat, new urban styles, like electro hip hop, nu soul... .The adventure goes on. Laurent Garnier has had many residencies here, that have become some of the most famous in electronic musics in France, and abroad : Wake up, Stereomaniac, for instance. The Rex is also famous for its innovative soundsystem. 10 years ago, we installed a first new soundsystem, powerful and acurate. People have come from all over Europe to attend parties here because of this soundsystem... In september 2006, we installed a new revolutionnary one. It has 70 speakers all over the ceiling. This multidiffusion system has been specially designed for the club. It is the first time such a complex system is set up in a club in the world. In 2008, the REX CLUB celebrated 20 years of Electronic Music. Howedays, rare are clubs in the world who can pretend to celebrate 20 years of Electronic Music! In may 2008, form the 14th till 31st , the main dj's were succeeding in the REX dj booth: Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Miss Kittin, Rhythm & Sound, Green Velvet, Dave Clarke, Larry Heard ... More than 50 artists on 13 days. This Birthday was a real success and you could hear about this event in the electronic music press, all over the world. The REX CLUB is the only French club classified in the top 50 of the Best clubs in the World and still the main place in France dedicated to Electronic Music with a high quality sound and a worthy program. The Rex Club is now following is way to celebrate 24 years of Electronic music and hopefully, many more years!!
Sep 2, 2010