Sofia National Opera Ivan Khovansky: Nicolai Ghiaurov Andrei Khovansky: Luben Mihailov Vasili Golitsin: Liubomir Bodurov Shaklovity: Stoyan Popov Marfa: Boika Koseva Dosifei: Nicola Ghiuselev Varsonofiev: Dimiter Dimitrov Emma: Maria Dimchevska Susanna: Nadia Sharkova Strashnev: Petar Petrov Kuzka: Verter Vrachovski Conductor: Atanas Margaritov Sofia, 28 January 1975, sung in Russian § Act V § The hermitage of the old believers in a forest outside of Moscow. It is nighttime and Dosifei is heading towards the hermitage. 01:30 - He tells the Old Believers that they must find strength in the Almighty and pray. They pray together as they prepare themselves for Salvation. They head into the monastery. 11:30 - Marfa stays behind praying for Andrei's salvation. Andrei is heard in the distance calling out to Emma. Marfa greets him and reminds him of their time of great love. She assures Andrei that she will not leave him and they will die together. She sings a hallelujah. 19:10 - Dosifei enters dressed in white. The bugles of the Tsar's guard are heard. As the Old Believers build a pyre, Marfa tells Andrei that they are surrounded and they all must die. He promised it when they took their vow of love. The trumpets sound. Dosifei and the Old Believers look forward to seeing the divine radiance of heaven. Marfa lights the pyre as the Old Believers pray. Andrei joins Marfa and the Old Believers in the fire. The trumpeters appear and are horrified by the sight of the immolation.
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