Sofia National Opera Ivan Khovansky: Nicolai Ghiaurov Andrei Khovansky: Luben Mihailov Vasili Golitsin: Liubomir Bodurov Shaklovity: Stoyan Popov Marfa: Boika Koseva Dosifei: Nicola Ghiuselev Varsonofiev: Dimiter Dimitrov Emma: Maria Dimchevska Susanna: Nadia Sharkova Strashnev: Petar Petrov Kuzka: Verter Vrachovski Conductor: Atanas Margaritov Sofia, 28 January 1975, sung in Russian § Act I § Sunrise over the Moscow river. Red Square in Moscow. 04:50 - The streylets (musketeer, a member of the Streltsy) Kuzka has fallen asleep on guard duty. When he awakens, other musketeers sing of their homicidal exploits the night before and tease him. A scribe appears and the musketeers harass him. 8:15 - The boyar Shaklovity enters. He dictates an anonymous letter to tsar Peter warning that Prince Ivan Khovansky and his son Andrei wish to stir up revolt and have Andrei made tsar. Shaklovity instructs the scribe to deliver the letter. Citizens of Moscow observe the exchange and wonder about the contents of the document and lament the state of Russia. 26:50 - Ivan Khovansky enters. The people sing his praise and he encourages them to save Russia from traitorous boyars. He promises to crush the people's enemies. 30:10 - As the crowd leaves, Andrei Khovansky enters with Emma, a German girl who had been kidnapped during the previous night's rampage. She begs Andrei for mercy and then denounces him for killing her father. Marfa, a member of the Old Believers and Andrei's fiancée, enters and intervenes. She urges Andrei to keep his promise of fidelity. She prophesizes that they will enter a radiant convent side by side. Ivan Khovansky returns and is taken with Emma's beauty. He orders Emma taken to his palace. Andrei opposes him. 37:15 - Dosifei, the leader of the Old Believers arrives, restrains Andrei, and entrusts Emma to Marfa. The two Khovanskys leave as fanfares are heard coming from the Kremlin. Dosifei and the old believers pray, renouncing earthly life and temptations.
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