Sofia National Opera Ivan Khovansky: Nicolai Ghiaurov Andrei Khovansky: Luben Mihailov Vasili Golitsin: Liubomir Bodurov Shaklovity: Stoyan Popov Marfa: Boika Koseva Dosifei: Nicola Ghiuselev Varsonofiev: Dimiter Dimitrov Emma: Maria Dimchevska Susanna: Nadia Sharkova Strashnev: Petar Petrov Kuzka: Verter Vrachovski Conductor: Atanas Margaritov Sofia, 28 January 1975, sung in Russian § Act III § The Streltsy Quarter outside Khovansky's house. The Old Believers sing of their triumph over heresy. 3:10 - Marfa cannot forget Andrei. She has a vision of the Old Believers going up in flames. She sees Andrei going up in flames with her. Susanna, an Old Believer, accuses her of witchcraft. She says that Marfa should be burned at the stake. Marfa defends her behavior, but becomes lost in thoughts of Andrei while Susanna continues to torment her. 11:25 - Dosifei enters, calms Susanna, and then berates her for her selfish pride. He orders her away. He tells Marfa to be patient. The Old Believers will have their day and she will no longer feel the torment of her love for Andrei. 19:05 - Shaklovity enters. The Streltsy district is quiet and the Streltsy, whom he loathes, are asleep. He wonders who will save Russia and the Russian people. He implores heaven to send a tsar who will save Russia. 24:10 - The Streltsy awaken and continue their drunken carousing. Their wives browbeat them. The scribe runs on. In another part of the city, the Streltsy have been defeated by Tsar Peter's troops who were abetted by foreign soldiers. The Streltsy do not believe him at first, but slowly start to believe the scribe's story. The Streltsy panic and call for Khovansky, who emerges from his home. The people want him to lead a counterattack. He refuses. Although he led them into battle in the past, the circumstances are different. They should return to their homes and await orders from Tsar Peter. The Streltsy pray.
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