Sofia National Opera Ivan Khovansky: Nicolai Ghiaurov Andrei Khovansky: Luben Mihailov Vasili Golitsin: Liubomir Bodurov Shaklovity: Stoyan Popov Marfa: Boika Koseva Dosifei: Nicola Ghiuselev Varsonofiev: Dimiter Dimitrov Emma: Maria Dimchevska Susanna: Nadia Sharkova Strashnev: Petar Petrov Kuzka: Verter Vrachovski Conductor: Atanas Margaritov Sofia, 28 January 1975, sung in Russian § Act IV § Scene 1 - The dining room in Prince Ivan Khovansky's house. The prince is dining. Peasant girls sing a melancholy song. The prince asks them to sing something less melancholy. They sing a lively song and dance to the music 03:33 - A confidant of Prince Golitsin enters. He tells Ivan that Prince Golitsin has ordered him to tell Ivan to be careful. Ivan scoffs at the idea and orders the confidant dragged off. He asks for more mead and orders more dancing. His Persian slave girls enter and dance a Persian dance. 12:30 - Shaklovity shows up unannounced. The Tsarevna Sophia has convened the high council in Moscow. It is essential the Prince Ivan attend. Ivan requests his best robes. As he dresses, the peasant girls sing the Song of the White Swan. As Ivan is about to leave, Shaklovity stabs him. Sneering, Shaklovity sings the Song of the White Swan over the dead body. 17:00 § Scene 2 - In the square before the church of St. Basil in Moscow the crowd watches as Golitsin is taken away into exile. The crowd asks God to help him. Dosifei says that God's judgment has been enacted on Golitsin and Ivan Khovansky. He foresees a bad end for Andrei. Marfa runs on and tells Dosifei that the High Council has ordered that troops surround the old believers at their sacred hermitage and destroy them. Marfa and Dosifei both look forward to their hour of martyrdom. Dosifei tells Marfa she must have Andrei at her side when the time comes. 25:00 - Andrei hurries on, demanding that Marfa return Emma to him. Marfa tells him that Emma is far away with her exiled fiancé. She also tells him that his father has been assassinated. Andrei does not believe her; he will denounce her as a witch. Marfa dares him to summon the Streltsy. They appear carrying the axes and blocks for their own executions. Andrei is terrified. He begs Marfa to save him. She hurries off with him. The Streltsy kneel and beg for mercy. Their wives mock them and demand punishment. A fanfare is heard. A herald announces that the Streltsy have been pardoned by Tsars Ivan and Peter. They should return home and pray.
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