Frequently asked questions

Can my community support me ?

Your community (followers and listeners) can support your channel by sending an amount of money of their choice. Awdio beeing a free and unlimited service for broadcaster, takes a small fee on the donation received by broadcaster to help support the hosting charges. Awdio wants to help channels promote and get more fans, so we ensure the channel always gets the highest share as possible.

Here is how it works :

  Tips in € / $ / £  Fees in € / $ / £  Fees in %
1.00 €0.28 28 %
2.00 €0.29 14.5 %
3.00 €0.30 10 %
4.00 €0.31 7.7 %
5.00 €0.36 7.3 %
10.00 €0.63 6.3 %
20.00 €1.16 5.8 %
30.00 €1.69 5.6 %
40.00 €2.22 5.5 %
50.00 €2.75 5.5 %
100.00 €5.40 5.3 %
500.00 €26.60 5.3 %


At the end of each month, if your account has more than 10 €/$/£, then we transfer it to your paypal account. If not the amount remains on your Awdio account until the month after.

If your paypal account is not mentionned on your profile, we contact you directly by email and ask you to indicate it into your profile.

Can I edit the Event details of a Broadcast after it has been recorded?

Yes, when you are logged in to your Awdio account go to the My Events tab. Here you should go to the Archives section where all your recorded Broadcasts are stored. Choose the Event you wish to edit and select the Edit button.

What bandwidth do I need on my internet connection to broadcast live?

Before broadcasting it’s recommended you ensure that you have enough upload bandwidth. Try a speed test at the following address and make sure you have minimum 164 Kbps of upload bandwidth.

What equipment do I need to broadcast live using the free software?

This really depends on what you are Broadcasting Live. In all cases you will need a PC/Mac configured with Windows, Mac OSX or Linux. If you are recording a DJ set or concert you will need to either connect your mixing desk to the Line In of your computer or if you are using an external soundcard this needs to be connected to your computer and the right sound input preferences selected. You can Live Broadcast straight from your PC/Mac without going through an external source but you will need extra software installed for this.

Can the public download my audio archives?

Only you can download Recorded Live Broadcasts or Uploaded audio files once you are logged in to your Awdio account.

How do I download a recorded broadcast?

Once you have finished recording a Live Braodcast, the audio will automatically be stored in the Archive section of My Events in your Awdio account. You can then choose to download it from here.

How long in advance can I schedule my broadcast?

You can schedule an Event (Live Broadcast) as much in advance as you like. It is advisable to schedule an Event at least 2 weeks in advance to give people time to know that you will be broadcasting an Event.

Why is the location important?

Choosing the correct location for your Live Broadcast is extremely important to ensure that you are in the correct timezone. This will program your Live Broadcast to start at the correct time and ensure that listeners know when it starts in their local time. If you get the location wrong your Live Broadcast could fail to stream.

Why do I need an image on my Channel profile?

You should add an image to your Channel profile so that it looks more appealing to the pubic. Choose something that defines what you’re about. Channels without an image wont be featured in the Explore section on

What are the Tags?

Tags are a list of words that describe your Event, they can be the artist’s featured, the location, the label, the genre.. Tags are extremely useful when browsing or searching Events because they give extra information about your Live Broadcasts or Archives.


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