Obscurena Records
Based in London UK, Obscurena Records is a independent Label specialized in Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative, Punk, EBM & Industrial Music and respective sub-genres.
We focus on production, distribution, marketing, promotion and Music Licensing.
For about 4 years we started by helping independent artists and bands distributing their music in the main stores, & publicizing their work.
Although the music market is complex and very competitive, the experience we have gained has led us to think seriously about creating a label.
On January 3, 2017 Obscurena Records was officially constituted as a registered company and aims to grow and help artists and bands achieve their success.
Obscurena Records is also dedicated to Book publishing.

Obscurena Records is a company registered in the Companies House with the nº 10543731and member of Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) nº 301021261.