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Hey! My name is Kelsey and I am a 17-year-old growing and learning musician from Derby, KS. I have been writing songs since I was very young. I play guitar and sing as well. I long to be a professional singer/songwriter. My dream is to blow people away with my music. When I first got "serious" about looking at music as a potential career was not until about 4 years ago.

I ran up to my mom after seeing these wicked guitar legends blow people's minds in a YouTube video I watched. I told her that I wanted to start guitar lessons. My mom, being very supportive, told me she thought that'd be a great idea. I was also very shy and she thought it would help me express myself in the ways I couldn't, which it eventually did.

From the moment I started the lessons, I was very self-determined and I knew that I was going to try my absolute hardest to be the best that I could be, but after about 3-5 lessons, I quit. There was too much pressure to learn from someone else and I constantly felt like my teacher was waiting on me. From then on, I learned everything by self-teaching, self-motivation, and YouTube videos teaching me different chords and techniques. I've been playing guitar now for almost 3 years and I absolutely love the instrument as a songwriting tool, and my best friend.

I think my music is unique because it really does come from the heart and whatever I'm feeling at the moment. I only write about topics and situations that are very important and dear to me, as that is the only way I can write a good and pure song.

One thing about my lyrics is that they are VERY personal. My opinion is to not worry about if someone else will like them or relate, just write exactly what YOU feel and you'll be surprised at how many feel the same way.

I have performed live acoustic sets at various locations(Mead's Corner, Butler Community College in El Dorado, Rock Island LIVE, Paramount Bar in Salina, KS...etc.) I appreciate every show I get to play, even if it's not a paying gig. I love performing for anyone who will listen to my music, whether it be 20 or 200.

Music has truly changed my life for the better and it is something I want to do for as long as I live. I'm so blessed that I have parents who support me and my music and want me to be happy in whatever I choose to do in life. I am so thankful for them. I am also thankful for my manager Kadrae D. Smith for always being there for me and getting me places to play...and to all of you who support my music - THANK YOU!

Feel free to "like" my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kelseykaupmusic) for updates and more music! 
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