Professional chef , this artist 39 years immersed in the world of classical music from a young age , his mother being a teacher of violin and piano. It does not take much to turn it dives for violin, piano, clarinet ... to meet, a few years later , behind the turntables . Since the student radio in adolescence, Intuition M had a dream to learn the art of mixing with the great Louis -Georges Cazabon : "It was the beginning of a great love affair with electronic music " , he says. Some fans had the chance to hear Intuition in many private parties, underground raves , as well as several known as the Montreal Grand Saint- Sulpice , Jingxy , Sugar , Laika , Tap Room , Living, House Nightclub places Tomato warm, the Black Ball , Salon Daomé , Yoga Jam ( ( (Stereo ))) and Gazebo Mt Royal. For three years , the artist accepts with pleasure the invitation to perform at Summerfest Stoneham .