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After DarkAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop4:20
All I Have To Do Is DreamAndy Gibb & Victoria Principal2:42
An Everlasting loveAndy GibbShadow Dancing19784:08
Arrow Through The HeartBee Gees & Andy Gibb Mythology: Andy2010Pop3:41Bee Gees
Bury Me Down By The RiverBee GeesCucumber Castle1970Pop3:27Bee Gees
Come Home For The WinterAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop4:03
Dance To The Light Of The MorningAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop3:18
DesireAndy GibbAfter Dark 1980Romantic4:29HOMONIMA LOVE 80'STOP 80'S, Top 1000 80's
Don't Throw it all AwayAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Romantic3:31AUSSIE, LOVE 60/70'STOP 79'S, Top 1000 70's
Dreamin' OnAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop3:52
Falling In Love With YouAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop4:13
Flowing RiversAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop3:37
Fool For A NightAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop3:19
Good FeelingAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop3:45
I Can't Help ItAndy Gibb & Olivia Newton-JohnAfter Dark19804:09TOP 80'S, Top 1000 80's
I Go For YouAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop4:17
I Just Want to be Your EverythingAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Disco3:29TOP 77'S, Top 1000 70's
If you Ever Change Your Mind Andy Gibb & Crystal Gayle3:02
In The EndAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop3:18
Let It Be MeAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop3:30
Love Is Thicker Than WaterAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Disco4:16
Man On FireAndy GibbAndy Gibb1991Pop5:22
Me (Without You)Andy GibbAndy Gibb1991Pop3:41
MelodyAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop4:00
One LoveAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop4:06
One More Look At The NightAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop3:44
Rest Your Love On MeAndy Gibb  & Olivia Newton-JohnAfter Dark1980Pop4:56
Shadow DancingAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Disco4:30AUSSIE, TOP 78'S, Top 1000 70's
Someone I Ain'tAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop3:09
Sometimes When We TouchAndy Gibb & Marie Osmond3:16
Spirits (Having Flown)Bee GeesSpirits Having Flown2015Pop5:14
StarlightAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop3:33
Stop (Think Again)Bee GeesSpirits Having Flown2015Pop6:41
Time Is TimeAndy Gibbsingle version1980Rock3:45TOP 81'S, Top 1000 80's
Too Many Looks In Your EyesAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop4:10
Too Much HeavenBee GeesSpirits Having Flown2015Pop4:58
TragedyBee GeesSpirits Having Flown2015Pop5:04
UntilBee GeesSpirits Having Flown2015Pop2:29
Waiting For YouAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop4:12
Warm RideAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop3:32
Wherever You AreAndy GibbAfter Dark1980Pop4:30
WhyAndy GibbShadow Dancing1978Pop4:29
Words And MusicAndy GibbFlowing Rivers1977Pop4:37
You Should Be DancingBee Gees & Andy Gibb Spirits Having Flown tour 19796:53
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