Nancy L Cabrera Chacon Born and Rasied in New York City ... Nancy got closer to God. She learned to value herself and finally knew who she was. The Lord filled Nancy's void with his presence and Love and ever since 2003 Nancy has Been Saved. Now She is evangelizing seeking to share the Love that she once was seeking in all the wrong things. She wants to help others in the sex industry see there is a way out. And also help Children who are being Trafficked all around the World. Ferman Maurice Jackson Jr was born in Mobile Al on 04-23-1982 growing up i was all to myself just shy I came to the Lord at the age of 19. IN Christ you will find who you are not what the world say who you are.Young Man After The Most High Own Heart. Check Me Out on Thursday Night's on Fight Club Radio With Me Your Host Pastor Ferman Jackson at 8PM PST 10pm CDT 11pm EDT GOD BROUGHT NANCY & FERMAN TOGETHER TO SHARE THE GOSPEL AND DISCUSS TOPICS THE CHURCH IS TO AFRAID TO DISCUSS HERE WE KEEP IT REAL AND SHARE WHAT THE WORD OF GOD HAS TO SAY ABOUT IT!