The e-TECH AFRICA EXPO will provide a platform for creating awareness about the opportunities, challenges and benefits derived from the adoption of ICTs in Africa as well as initiate practical measures needed to extend the ICT reach. The event is expected to bring a wide range of ideas, opinions, perspectives, research findings and expertise to expand knowledge frontiers for sustainable growth and development through ICTs. The event is also expected to draw people from the ICT industry, civil society, academia and government to a discussion platform for national development as well as development in Africa. The following events will run parallel to the 2016 e-TECH AFRICA EXPO: - I. the e-TECH Africa Conference : 9 March 2016 II. the Official Opening Ceremony : 10 March 2016 III. the 2016 Fibre to the Home Workshop : 10 March 2016 IV. the e-TECH AFRICA Cocktail Networking Evening : 10 March 2016 V. the Careers Day : 11 March 2016