"Zyron is a schooldance DJ from the 80's, who unlike many DJs of today know the craftsmanship from a very basic level. He comes from the times when DJ was not something you wanted to become, you were just chosen to be it, because you had the records and the talent. His knowledge of music from the past is extremely vast, and unlike many other underground DJs he isn't snobbish and doesn't shun pop. His mixing style is smooth and organic like a living snake, and most of the time you can be sure you're in for a dreamy mystical journey of some kind, organic or robotic and everything inbetween. And somewhere inside this cosmic mess, you can hear the signs of a disturbed c64 scener who's been listening to way too much Depeche Mode. The most special trademark though is Zyron's unusual (dis)harmonic touch, which somehow pierces through not just the DJ mixes but his own music productions, not to mention all the SID music he has produced in the past. No other DJ sounds like that." /Joakim Cosmo
"Spaced-out cosmic post-punk balearic kraut funk italo disco-not-disco deep dubby electro house wave". /Zyron