Death. Grind. Doom. Noise. Scum. Featuring a new track ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY, ALL YEAR LONG. A collaboration of musicians will be contributing to all the songs, which means guest features from other bands, and previously unreleased music from the sewers and related bands such as: Kamikazee, Maruta, Implosive Disogorgence, Lens, Soothsayer, and that's just to start. ALL ARE WELCOME to contribute their efforts if you have the means to home recording, be it if you play guitar, do vocals, play or program drums, bass guitar, keys, EFX, or anything else. To ask to be featured, simply message us or email The first track will launch January 1st, 2015 and a new track will be posted every day there after. T-Shirts, Buttons, and CD packages with the entire month's songs will be available for purchase for reasonable prices. There will also be free give-away's every month for those who spread the word and like/repost the page on their social media. Enough business bullshit talk, lets get deaf.