TESTIMONY Dean has been on the underground scene since 1984 as a break dancer, hitting the streets in 1991 joining 'Spiral Tribe' and moving through the flow from activism, spiritualism throughout the UK UNDERGROUND MOVEMENT. Dean was one of the first ever break dancers to arrive on the scene who by the time of the age of 13/14, mastered his own gifts and talents, revolutionising the hip hop, techno and electro, break beat, drum and bass, reggae, dance hall, UK Garage... Dancing to his own rhythm.. LEADING the way of underground music as we know it today.... BUT UNDER GROUND.... and now it's time for the guy who whipped 'Cray Legs' arse and got snubbed to rise with the EVOLUTION bring 'The World Of Dance' to a whole new REVOLUTION. NOW DEAN IS ON A MISSION TO EMBRACE HIS FINE ART, IN A NEW CONTEMPORARY FORMATION. A REVELATION. A SYMBOLIC BEAT INTO THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, REINVENTING HIMSELF AS 'JUS DEAN' Over the next 18 months, you will watch the rise of a world that for years has been buried under rules and regulations, suppressed in the deepest part of your soul, burning, yearning to break free.... YOU FEEL YOUR HEART MISS THE BEAT. D ETERNITY IS AN ENDLESS COMBUSTION OF THE DEEPEST PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION DIRECTED, PRODUCED, WRITTEN, CONTEMPLATED, AWAKENED through DANCE, POETRY, LYRICS AND AN ALL ROUND arts. DEAN HAS BEEN IN THE INDUSTRY FOR OVER 20 YEARS, a much head hunted artist with many of have failed to commit Dean to a contact where he agrees to their terms and conditions. Dean is a rebel for a CAUSE, and stand for what he believes in, a man who is UNCORRUPTIBLE and is now bring the TRUTH to the Light and stand for Justice, Integrity and Grace in the world of Music and Performing Arts. FOR THE LAST 18 MONTHS DEAN HAS NOT STOPPED IN A NUMBER OF PROJECTS, One being a Law Change with 'Crisis' under many 'Homeless' Projects, along with much activism, and campaigning, and some MUCH NEEDED TIME OF TO SORT HIS LIFE OUT AND PUT HIM SELF BACK ON TRACK. HE HAS WORKED WITH THE LIKES OF SPIRAL TRIBE, IMMERSION , ARDVARK, VIRUS, UN SOUND, JIBA, SMOKY JOE , BUG KHAN AND THE PLASTIC JAM, ACID, MONKEY, VENOM PSYCEDELIC..... JUST TOO NAME A FEW..... IN THE FIELD OF DANCE, DJ, LYRICS AND SO ON, But not to forget.... Throwing down many underground parties, roughing it with 'George Solar', 'Liquid Crystale Visions', 'Liquid Ross' and Private Party for 'Liquid Crystale Visions Birthday celebrating with 'Matt Black', 'Cold Cut'. (just to drop a few names in the hat) and have worked with many many others. Let's see if you can find any photos, videos of the days rubbing shoulders with 'Smooth and Trunell', 'Raj Panu', DJ Flex', 'Marcus Intellex', the list goes on, so now JOIN DJ 3ternity DEAN HE IS LOOKING TOO FLIPPING FORWARD IN THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT .... The next 6 Weeks is going to be one heck of a braintrain.... ..... WATCH THIS SPACE.... DEAN WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYBODY FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT,..... JUS SAYING BIG LOVE TOO ALL AND HE REALLY LOOKS FORWARD TO SHOW CASING HIS WORK... Peace, Love, Harmony and Prosperity to you all