1. What is Awdio?

Awdio is the first platform dedicated to the live music industry for real-time streaming: artists, producers, labels, clubs, venues, promoters, and all fine music purveyors can now stream their live music events in real-time, whenever they want, wherever they are, worldwide.

Music lovers can now listen to and follow their favorite artists, events, and discover new talents performing all over the world. With more than 5,000 events broadcast a month, +150 venues worldwide in more than 35 cities and 25 countries, Awdio aims to become an open minded and synchronized live music hub.

While you're reading these words something huge is happening somewhere...

2. How it works

Beyond the performance of its web architecture, the technological secret of Awdio lies in its AwdioBox for venues, and a software web-based Encoder solution for Artists. Awdioboxes are 19' inch racks enabling users to encode audio signals directly from fixed locations such as clubs and venues. Streams are relayed back in real time to the 5 continents. What's more, the software web-based Encoder allows artists, promoters, and live music professionals to stream directly from their laptops, wherever they are, with a simple internet connection. A simple DSL line with 180 Kbps upload bandwidth is required.

With both an ad-supported and premium-paid model for listeners, Channels and Artists involved can benefit from a brand new way of broadcasting and promoting themselves. Artists and producers can benefit from part of the revenue generated by their audience: Awdio commits to share income on a fair basis with music content purveyors, while operating within the boundaries of all international copyright laws.

3. Our Vision

We're giving Awdio members the power to stream live, and promote themselves in a new radical way. Connecting you to the music. That’s our job.

Today the music industry is recomposing itself and must totally reinvent itself and re-center on content and experience. Thanks to the internet it’s now also possible to connect stages and quality DJ Booths, from a San Francisco underground club to a British Festival… from an Opera Hall to a Jamaican Bar.

Above all, at Awdio, we love connecting unreachable music sources, and bringing new talents to light. It’s more than just music. This for us is the future of music. In this spirit, the Awdio network is of prime value and broadcasting members will benefit from a new and innovative form of worldwide exposure.